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Welcome to Gimmel Travel, an international Tour Operator offering culinary and cultural focused trips and tours designed to inspire and enlighten while you enjoy.

Our goal is to take you around the world, one experience at a time. We are a new type of Tour Operator; we are not going to offer one of many pre-packaged trips, and put you with a big group of people on a bus. We are building experiences, one country at a time, one city at a time, and one meal and drink at a time.


embrace life with Gimmel Travel

In this fast paced world, you only have so much time for leisure. When you take a trip, it needs to get you away, to allow you to unwind, and to give you the chance to embrace a completely new culture like a local.

who we are

Developed by the President and executive team behind of North America's largest Culinary Tour and Event company, FTC, Gimmel Travel offers luxury tours and experiences that bring together the finer elements of travel.

We are relatively new in the tour world. We aren't the same old companies pretending to be innovative. We are young, fast moving, hard working, and ready to provide you with the most creative and most customizable multi day trips developed to create memories that last a lifetime.

We strive for the authentic, the culinary and the cultural.

This website is currently under construction. Please contact us for more information at 877.406.3446.